Sunday, December 18, 2011

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Dixieland, Royal Garden Blues

This past semester the Jazz Band had the amazing opportunity to work with Dr. Steve Call, a Jazz professor from BYU (and actually, Dr. Fullmer's former jazz professor). Dr. Call taught the kids much about jazz, but especially about his particular specialty, Dixieland (see Jazz for Cows). The band performed a Dixieland song at the boys' Christmas concert, and Christian, being the multi-tasking musician he is, had the privilege of being featured on clarinet alongside Dr. Call (who played the double bell euphonium--yes, there is such an instrument), and boy was that kid wailing on his clarinet--we were quite proud. :)

Frosty the Snowman

Nothing beats a little jazz at Christmastime:

Summertime, George Gershwin

Thirty minutes before the boys' band concert, several jazz combos performed. Christian's was saved for last--because it was the best of course--here is Summertime, by George Gershwin, with Christian playing saxophone:

Thursday, December 1, 2011

How the Boys Spent Their Thanksgiving

Poor Christian and Sean could not be with us for Thanksgiving... of course, I really shouldn't say poor Christian and Sean, because you know where they were? HAWAII. Yeah, not feeling so bad for them anymore, are you? :) The Timpview Marching Band had the opportunity this year to travel to Pearl Harbor with two Utah veterans and play at several memorials and remembrance events--what a wonderful opportunity! It really is quite an amazing thing to see a 14 year old and 17 year old (just turned 17 the day they left for Hawaii!) tear up when talking about Pearl Harbor--truly something great to see their hearts touched like that.

The band marched in the Waikiki Parade:

Played at the Polynesian Cultural Center, (below is a clip of them playing an Armed Forces Medley--not gonna lie, the Marines Anthem is still my favorite):

and performed "Eternal Father" at the USS Arizona Memorial, among other things. This last one, according to the boys, truly was a spectacular experience--for one, they received special permission to be there and perform (it's a pretty big deal), and of course, not to mention the content of where they were--they seriously can't talk about it without getting choked up:

Once I get my hands on some pictures, I will be posting those as well. :)